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PA Scope of Practice in the ENT Setting

Listed below are some national statistics of what percentage of  Physician Assistants working in ENT perform the following in-office procedures.  Data is compiled from the Work/Benefits Survey 2015. For complete results to include salaries, contact SPAO.

97.0% Cerumen disimpaction   91.5% Removal of foreign body of ear
86.7% Flexible scope exam
63.0% Pre-Op H&P
71.5% Removal of nasal foreign body
69.1% Rigid nasal endoscopy
60.0% Majority of practice's post-op visits 69.7% Mastoid cavity cleansing
70.9% Anterior nasal packing
51.5% Post-FESS debridement
52.7% Excision/biopsy skin lesion
49.1% Oral biopsy
24.8% Hospital rounds
24.2% Hospital consults
43.6% I&D of peritonsillar abscess
32.1% Fine needle aspirate
22.4% Removal of tube/TM patch
37.6% Posterior nasal packing
34.5% I&D of helical hematoma
18.2% Allergy testing
21.8% Tympanostomy 
22.4% Tympanostomy & tube insertion
13.3% Stroboscopy
16.4% Transnasal esophagoscopy
9.1% Facial nerve monitoring in O.R.
12.7% Sialolithotomy
13.3% Audiometry  
21.2% Tympanic Injection 
8.5% Closed reduction nasal fracture
78.2% Packs / splints removal
83.6% Nasal CauteryOther: ultrasound, Epley, Botox, CA excision/flap, trach care, frenulotomy, I&Ds, turbinate coblation, excision mucocele, sleep medicine consults, pH& manometry, trigger points

Click here for the 2009 Sample ENT Practice Protocols.

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